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You Have Permission

In her song “Love is You,” Chrisette Michele sings a line that I think is so profound.

“Love’s my permission to be who I am.”

I have heard this song countless times and it is definitely one of my favorite songs. Usually when I hear it, I listen to it on repeat several times in a row. Throughout the song, she’s telling us the truth of our identity. Love is YOU. Love is ME. Love is each of us. For God so loved the world, he gave YOU LIFE. You are an expression of God’s love on the earth. In love, God presented you to the world to bring the uniqueness of your individual expression and personality to the world. God is Love, you are an expression of God, this means Love is YOU.

But this line stood out as something special today. “Love’s my permission to be who I am”

My life, being an expression of the Love that is God is my permission to live Authentically. I don’t need any one else’s permission. Just being alive is God saying – It’s ok to be who you are. No filters. No masks. No editing.

Jesus said to let YOUR light shine. Notice he didn’t say let God’s light shine or let your pastor’s light shine or let your parent’s light shine. He said to let YOUR particular expression of who you are shine. And it follows that if you are letting your light shine, you will do good works. You will do works that uplift those around you. You will do works that will benefit others. You will do works that increase your joy and has a positive impact on those around you. And your good works, done when letting your light shine, will cause those around you to glorify and appreciate God working in you and though you.

Jesus was calling for you to live Authentically, fully expressing your gifts and talents with the world. And others will see your expression and look to find the love within themselves that gives them the permission to live authentically as well.

The life flowing through you is permission from the Divine to stand firmly and be authentic. This is how you love yourself. This is how you love others. This is how the world is changed.

Be who you are – You have permission.

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