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Thoughts on Prayer

I had a conversation with someone. I was explaining to them who we are. We all are individual expressions of God, focused in physical form. In essence, and truth, we are God/Spirit having a physical experience. There is no separate God. We are each a part of the wholeness of God. To this they asked…

“… to whom do we physical beings pray to if we are God? Are you saying prayer is not necessary?”

And I answered.

In the traditional sense, prayer isn’t necessary. The traditional sense, though, is a misunderstanding of what prayer is, how it’s offered and how it’s answered.

Prayer is simply making a request or expressing a desire. And we are always praying. When you are sick, even if you don’t use words, you desire/pray to get well. When you have little/no money, you automatically desire more money. In the moment we experience something we don’t want, we ask automatically for what we would prefer – this is prayer and it happens whether we verbalize it or not.

In Mark 11, Jesus told his disciples that if they speak to a mountain and tell it to be cast into the sea, with NO DOUBT in their mind, it would be done. That speaking could also be called prayer. It is a request being made or desire being expressed.

Furthermore, Jesus said in Mark 11:24 “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (NIV)

So it’s not so much whether we should pray or not, it’s about whether we believe that the prayer has been answered in the moment we prayed. If it suits you to get on your knees and offer your requests to God – whether you believe God is external to you OR you believe (as I do) that God is intimately intertwined in your being – the kneel at the alter or go in your prayer closet and make your requests known. That’s fine. The question is whether you believe your requests have been answered.

Now, who are we making these requests to? To our own Divine Nature/Inner Being/Spirit/Soul which, when we believe, sets forth an organizing of all of the universe to orchestrate the answer/manifestation of our desire.

1. We experience the unwanted 2. We automatically ask for what we would prefer (Prayer) 3. Our own inner being becomes the answer to that prayer and orchestrates all of the people, places and things necessary… 4. And if we believe, the answer is manifested in our lives.

I hope this helps you get a better understanding of Prayer and and that the KEY is not to pray (because we are always doing that) but to BELIEVE that we have received the answer, even before it manifests in the physical. Call it faith, call it law of attraction. It’s truth.

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