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Stop The Insanity

It’s a saying that we have heard many times “Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Yet most of us are insane because this is exactly what we do. We might do it with different people on different days with a different set of circumstances, but we continue to do the same things expecting somehow that things will be different. But it’s easy to get this confused since we look at the situations and think about all the things that look different externally, wondering why things are working out just as they always have.

You have to do more than rearrange people and circumstances in your life to get different results. You have to believe that different things should happen and take the action inspired by that new belief. Many times we carry the baggage of past hurts with us into new situations and believe that these things will happen to us again. We try to protect ourselves from more hurt, but our belief that hurt is coming will bring us that hurt.

It is necessary to clean up our hearts/minds after an unwanted situation. When we find the lesson in it and can appreciate how God is using even a painful situation to spark new or more clear desires about what we want, we can move on and truly leave the past behind. We can be more focused on the new desire and be so excited to see how God will bring it to us than on the hurt that caused the new desire. If we are, our lives are more joyous and more fulfilled.

Your belief IS your expectations. So you can’t believe in good without expecting, and therefore receiving, good. And likewise you can’t believe in negative things happening without expecting, and therefore receiving, the negative things. So true insanity is trying to expect something contrary to your belief – no matter what you actually do.

Work on understanding your beliefs about life, friends, relationships, etc and changing those that don’t serve you. Work on understanding that all things really do work together for your good. And you can stop the insanity and create a better life.

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