Reclaiming Dominion

Take Back EVERYTHING You Gave Up To Make Other People Happy or Comfortable


Dulani Moore

Self-Mastery Coach

As a Self-Mastery Coach, I help clients  discover the ways they have given up their authenticity, goals and mind to appease others.  I have found for myself and for the people I have worked with that many of us feel victimized by others, or even by life itself. These people have either tried to roll with it or rebel against it with limited success either way.

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Coaching Services

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Self-Mastery Coaching

Take Control of Your Life

You were created to have dominion over the landscape of your life. 

Working with me, you will discover the keys to reclaiming your rightful place as master of your life. 

You will discover how to determine what lies within the landscape of your life, what is outside your realm of control and how to manage it all as you create your best life.


Law of Attraction Coaching

Manifest Your Dreams

You've heard of the Law of Attraction but are you aware of how or why it works?  Are you wondering why it doesn't seem to be working for you?

I can help you understand the mechanics of the Law as well as identify any flawed ideas you may have about it and how it works so that you can work effectively with the Law and manifest a life you love to live.

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Relationship Coaching

Become the Best Version of Yourself

Life is about relationships.  While family, friendships, and love relationships are what we focus on getting, we also need to understand our relationship ourselves which is expressed as how we show up in the world and how the world shows up for us.

Life reflects to us our beliefs about ourselves and how much we matter through the people we interact with.  I will support you in learning what it means to love yourself and how this translates into better relationships with others.

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Success & Abundance Coaching

Prosperity through Spirituality

As a Child of the Divine, you are destined to live a more abundant and successful life.  But how do you measure your success or determine what it means to live abundantly?

Together we will uncover and remove what is blocking you from the success and abundance you should be living as we work together to understand what true success and abundance is for you. 


Client Testimonials

"Dulani is a wonderful mentor and coach who truly cares about his client’s goals. He has an amazing gift of insight that helps to reach his client’s deeper issues that may need to brought to light and resolved or healed.

His easy-going, non-judgmental manner keeps one comfortable and at ease, and his genuine support and empathy are gifts that he readily shares with his clients."

“I believe the following are Dulani’s best traits:

  • He is very approachable

  • He has objective views and gives feedback and support in a professional and un-biased way

  • He is non-judgmental and makes clients feel comfortable talking about any subject

  • He is a great listener and thinks before he responds.

  • He is passionate about what he does and takes the advice he gives seriously so that clients are not led astray.”

“It is easy to determine that his love for the people around him, and his sincere and honest desire to help and be a positive force in their lives, is what strengthens him and keeps him on the track to success.”

“Through conversations with him, you can easily determine how insightful he is, as well as how eager he is to both learn and help people through situations. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is able to apply all of what he has learned and experienced to successfully help others when they really need it.”


E.B. White

“I get up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult”

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